NOTICE:  All Labor is not a full service moving company and we do not have a moving truck. At this time we load and unload rental trucks. We provide labor services.

In order to properly protect your items from damage and to handle items in the safest manner possible we utilize tape, boxes, paper, shrink wrap, blankets, rope and straps, among other things. Depending on what we use you may be charged a fee for the use of these items. This will be explained to you at the beginning of the job. We do not have hidden fees, and we always disclose any fee that may apply as soon as possible. The rate of $25.00 an hour per person applies to any job in Billings that involves no more than two flights of stairs. This rate applies if the job lasts three hours or longer. A job which lasts less than three hours is charged a flat rate.

Please let us know if you have any heavy items that weigh over three hundred and fifty pounds. We do not handle/ move pianos, hot tubs, or gun safes that weigh over three hundred and fifty pounds. Even after having accepted the majority of the job, exclusions may apply. We reserve the right to exclude and or refuse to handle any items that we deem are too dangerous, too heavy, or too valuable and expensive. Any items that may fall into these categories must be brought to our attention before the job begins. Please give us a call and we can go over all of these details over the phone. For a partial list of Non-Allowed items please see the items listed below.



  • Any items weighing over three hundred and fifty pounds.

  • Gun safes weighing over three hundred and fifty pounds.

  • Pianos

  • Hot tubs/ jacuzzis

  • Water beds

  • Any piece of stone over five feet long.

  • Windows or pieces of glass over seven feet long.

  • Priceless and or irreplaceable items.

  • Any family heirloom, work of art, collectible, or antique item with a value of over four hundred dollars. In order for All Labor to agree to move items in this category we must inspect and prepare them for moving at least one day prior to the day of your move.

  • We do not disconnect or connect washing machines. We may provide you with tools for this purpose, but we do not do it ourselves. We will move the washing machine once it is disconnected.



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